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Students whose desire is to only train in a classical ballet program and work towards dancing en pointe, Fees will be based on the number of hours a week you dance. Students in our ballet program may enroll in other classes as well.

Our Ballet Program

Ages 3 - 6 are pre ballet . all ballet work is done center floor as students are not ready for barre work yet. Center floor work for younger students will help with balance and they need the visual to see in the mirror. Ballet is disciplined and students need time to mature.  A fun ballet class learning musicality is introduced.  Basic positions and elementary steps will be taught.  We will work on arm placement, pointing of feet, first and second position, gallops and jumps.

Ballet I/II ages 7 - adult
Occasionally a six year old will be placed in the beginner ballet class if he/ she shows maturity to handle barre work.  This is for students ages 7 to adult who are beginners to ballet generally 1st and 2nd yr students. Students are introduced to the barre where they learn the beginnings of the ballet syllabus such as plies, tendus, rande de jambe, degage and battement.  Emphasis is placed on understanding turn out and body placement. Center floor will introduce these as well along with turns and grand jetes across the floor.

Ballet III ages 8 and up.
More complete barre work is done with advancement in center floor work and introduction to more complex combinations, turns, adagio and  allegro.  This class will have the expectation of knowing, understanding and consistently maintaining turn out and body placement.

Intermediate IV/adv ballet Ages 10 and up. 
More complex barre, center and across the floor work.  Much work is spent on balance, extension, advancement in pirouettes and fouettes.and endurance. with strong turnout and body placement.  Students from this group are where Miss Donna will invite for en pointe.

En pointe Class
Students may only go en pointe if invited by the instructor.  Pointe technique is one of the major components of classical ballet, in which the weight of the dancer is supported up on the tips of the fee.  All first time pointe students must be fitted for their pointe shoes by a professional to make sure they have the right fit.  Students en pointe must take 2 or more classes a week of ballet along with their pointe class,  this is necessary for ankle strength.

Pre professional- ages 12 and up
Done in small groups or private lessons for a more intense rigorous ballet class.  Barre, center floor and across the floor. Variations and pas de deaux are introduced for more optimal training.  This class will be done mostly en pointe.