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A few Housekeeping items to remember:

 Please wear appropriate dancewear.  No sweats or jeans, please.

 Miss Donna is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30 to 6:30, if you wish to meet with her in person.

Otherwise communication should be done by email or a phone call.  Please do not use social media or texting as a means of communication.  Our business hours are 3:00pm to 8:00pm Monday through Friday and Saturdays 9am to 12:00 noon..  Our email address is and our phone number is 802-922-7577.

 To ensure things stay organized we have a web page, we invite you to use.  This will have our schedule, fees, classes, happenings and current newsletters.  We follow our schedule not a particular schools schedule.  We have students from various school districts and the schedules all vary.  Please note if your child has an in service day, we will have classes that day.  We also have a Facebook Page ( Footworks Studio of Dance )  This is used mostly for advertising.  Feel free to like our page.

 Parents, guardians and siblings are not allowed in class.  We will have two observation weeks in which parents may come in to see what their children are learning in class.  These will be posted at a later date.  Once a class is started, please do not interrupt class.  We welcome you to watch from a distance at the door.

 Newsletters will come out about once every six weeks, they will also be posted on our webpage and in the studio lobby on the bulletin board.  newsletters will keep you updated on our happenings in the studio and keep you informed about our year end recital.

 In case of inclement weather we will post our studio closings on our web page and Facebook page by 2:00pm..

Many times we are already in the studio teaching, when roads become bad.  We ask that you use your own judgment.  If roads are slippery, stay home.  We can always make up classes.  It will be your responsibility to get the class made up within a month of the absence.  Many times schools are closed in the morning due to slippery roads but by 4:00pm they are fine, so yes, we will go ahead and hold class.  Always check with our web page and Facebook page.

 Thank You and Here's to a great Year!