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A note from Miss Donna

I started teaching dance to share my love and passion of dance with my students and always wanted to teach since I was young. As much as I enjoyed performing, my aspiration was to teach. I enjoy knowing the student and seeing their progress throughout the years of development. We bring a strong home base for our students.
Miss Stephanie, my daughter and I teach the majority of the classes here at FootWorks to ensure good solid technique. Our training is well rounded and we take pride in knowing our students. Guest teachers are brought in frequently to optimize our students training. Students are taken on a journey where they are nurtured and guided in reaching their full potential.

Our training, performance and teaching experience is extensive and our selected guest teachers come with much experience both in training and performance too. Our student teachers are well trained but only assist with a teacher. They do not teach our classes solo. Our goal is to bring the best dance education to your child.

Thank You,
Miss Donna

We offer our dance training in several capacities

Recreational or Combination classes:
Students of all ages take a wide range of classes in ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, gymnastics or combo classes. The classes range in length from 45 min to 90 min.

Progressive study:
Students ages 6 and up have the option to take 2 or more classes a week in one or several types of dance. This is for the student who really enjoys dance and a recreational class once a week is not enough. Dance training is progressive and the more classes a student takes the better dancer they will become. Progressive students do not have to join the comp team or study pointe. But pointe and comp students must study at a progressive level.

Pre Professional:
In this program students will study more intensively taking many classes a week inlcuding at least 3 in Ballet. The students in this program take their dancing on the competitive circuit as well as expose themselves to other professionals in dance workshops, intensives and master classes. Stretch and strength training will be incorporated and variation classes for optimal training. Students who wish to persue a career in dance or attend a performing arts school or college will receive guidance and consults in the audition and scholarship process.