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The dance season runs September through early June for the year. Our rate breaks down into 9 monthly installments with with a prorated fee for June. Full installments are due each month regardless of how many weeks of dance within the month.

A few of our classes can be taken in 6 week sessions.

Have you heard about our Saturday morning special?

All children should be able to experience dance which is why we offer loyalty discounts

Below pricing is monthly.

We offer loyalty discounts for siblings in one family or for students who wish to dance more than one class per week.

45 min class $ 45.00

1 hour class 50.00

1 hour 15 min 55.00

1.5 hour class 65.00

2 hours class 75.00

2.5 hours class 85.00

3 hours class 100.00

3.5 hours class 115.00

4 hours class 125.00

4.5 hours class 130.00

5 hours class 135.00

5.5 hours class 142.50

6 hours class 150.00

6.5 hours class 160.00

7 hours class 165.00

7.5 hours class 170.00

8 hours class 180.00

Unlimited Fee 195.00 Per family. Not just student.

Saturday morning special $59.00

2, 45 min classes gymnastics and dance

Solo choreography 35.00/hr

Private Lessons 40.00/h
Birthday Parties 125.00 up to 10 children. $150.00 if more than 10 children. 2 hours

Studio rental for students $25.00 per hour

studio rental for non students $30.00 per hour.

Classes offered Recreationally, Progressively, Pre professionally.

Our classes are taught by qualified experienced instructors. Our student teachers assist with classes only

We offer students performance opportunities, Children will not fully experience dance without the performance. Only 1 costume fee per year except students who are also in gymnastics or hip hop in addition to their combo class.

Age appropriate music and costumes.

We offer a ballet program and 2 levels of gymnastic training which includes beam and bars.

Ballet-The basic fundamental of all dance training with emphasis on body alignment, turnout, strength and flexibility. Ballet terminology is emphasized along with drama coaching and progressions are made through a method syllabus in barre, center floor and across the floor.

Pointe- The study of pointe requires a strong back, ankles, consistent body placement & turnout. The student must have attained an intermediate level of ballet status. Pointe students must take ballet technique classes in addition to their pointe class. Students may only take pointe by invitation only.

Pointe Prep- The preparation for pointe work, Intermediate students may take this class until the student is ready to join a beginner pointe class.

Children's Dance Mix Class Ages 3 to 5 - A dance mix class. Introducing a movement class for young children in ballet, gymnastics and tap and or jazz, in a safe, caring environment. Sing & dance together musically, Assists in the development of fine & gross motor skills, social & interaction skills.

Children's dance mix class for students 7 to 12-for the student who wishes to learn the fundamentals of dance in all genres, is new to dance or just wants this once a week recreational class. Tap/Ballet/Jazz or Gym (depending on the students age.) are taught. The older the student gets, the longer the class becomes to ensure proper training time.

Toddler Time- Ages 2 and 3 with a parent or guardian. This is a stepping stone between a playgroup and a structured dance class. It introduces your toddler to the fun of dance and gymnastics. Parents and guardians attend this class until the children feel confident to explore it independently. We engage your children in a variety of movement to help them develop social and gross motor skills.

Contemporary/Jazz-The study of jazz & contemporary requires fundamentals of ballet training. Technique, flexibility and strong jumps are emphasized in jazz/contemporary training. This type of dance is popular because of its faster bolder movements to more contemporary music with the freedom of explosive movement and skills. A favorite amongst the students.

Lyrical-A strong ballet emphasis with modern Jazz contemporary flair. Usually done to music where the student performs to the words of a song or the theme of the title using a lot of expressive movement and facials. A show of flexibly is emphasized. A big favorite among the students.

Tap- A level syllabus of basic tap movement progressing to more advanced steps and combinations. Tap has become popular again due to its more street savvy funk style lately. Emphasis is placed on in sync rhythm and clear clean tones. Graded syllabus is level 1 through 10.

Gymnastics-Beginner through intermediate progressions starting from the basic somersault to backbends, walkovers and handsprings. The gymnastic student needs to have a strong body to sustain some of the more advanced gymnastics skills so a lot of emphasis is placed on conditioning and flexibility. A full regulation balance beam is used, bars and floor mats. This class is offered in 2 levels. Students must have back walkovers to attend Gymnastics II.

Hip/Hop-A fast street type movement of dance where funk/hip-hop/music video type style dance is introduced. Movement does not require a strong technical background but needs stamina & Endurance. New popping moves and stomping (new trend in street dance ) will be introduced also. This class is taught in 3 levels.

Competition Team-A unique opportunity for the progressive student who wish to take their dance training to the next level. Strong ballet & jazz fundamentals are required for these dancers along with a continuation of technique classes. This is a committed hard working group that embraces the true meaning of team. Students are invited or audition to be part of the group. Comp students are ambassadors to our dance studio and must be good leaders and role models too.

Recreational Comp team- This is a group of students between the ages of 7 and 12 who do not have competition experience. but are training and developing their skills to become part of the competition team. They will perform in the local competitions.

Ballet Program: Developmental program in ballet progressing to en pointe status. Taking students from Ballet I to Advanced. In this program it will appear the student is progressing at a slower rate but in actuality they are not. It takes time to train in ballet correctly. Patience and hard work will prevail.


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