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Competition students embrace the spirit of being part of a team and take their dance training to the next level.

Those wishing to compete should let Miss Donna know.

Students must be registered and training with the competition team by start up in late August/early September. Competition season is early and committment of time is expected.

If you wish to be considered for next season's competition season, ballet class is expected.


Students who join the competition team- pay an annual fee on top of your FootWorks fee for a total of $45.00 due by July 1. Your tuition is based on the number of hours you train. (Please see tuition rates)

Mini/petit ages 7 - 10

Juniors ages 9-12

Teens ages 13 - 15

Seniors Ages 16 - 19

Students in comp classes are required to dance a minimum of 3 to 7 hrs a week depending on your level.

Minis/Petits minimum 3 hrs per week.

Juniors minimum 5 hrs per week.

Teens and seniors minimum 6.5 hrs per week.
More hours of dance are fine, this is your minimum. We have a rate for unlimited classes too.

Solo and Duet Protocol

Solo and duets will be done outside of group classes and will run $ 40.00 an hour for solo choreography, $25.00 an hour each for duets/Trios.

You must meet with Miss Donna or Miss Stephanie a minimum of 3 times to learn the choreography. You may not ask for a specific teacher. We will make that decision.
Additional meetings may take place on our posted schedules once we have completed all solos and duets.

You will need to pick 3 songs you would like to do a solo/duet to. We will choose one of those songs. You provide a cut copy on a CD to your 2.30 minute length. We choreograph the dance, you pick out a costume but it must be approved by your choreographer.

Comp fees paid out to the competitions we attend charge approx. $35.00 to $ 50.00 for group numbers

$85-$120.00 per solo/duet

These fees are paid to FootWorks and then Footworks will submit the registration.

Costume fees are due October 1st. They will include all costumes needed for your group numbers $ $65.00 per costume, 2 pr of tights and a pr of shoes. Solo costumes will cost you above and beyond.

All students on the Competition Performance team are required to purchase a warm up suit. Cost is $100.00.

All competition students must attend one of the August Intensives.

No contract is required, however FootWorks reserves the right to dismiss any student not being respectful to the required hours of training, having trong work ethic or being a team player.

Students who would like to try out for our competition team may contact Miss Donna. Your audition will most likely take place by attending one of the summer classes